1. So I says to him ‘it looks like you are working on vacation’. 

    Laughs, replies in a very Chicago cop voice.. something something about, yeah i worry about a drive-by. As in, the drive-by shooter could mistake him for an average Joe wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt.. I believe. 

    I says, there aren’t many drive-by’s downtown is there? No, no.. there ain’t but there lots of crazies around here. 

    Yeah, that’s why Daley Plaza is my favorite area to take photographs, pointing to the Courthouse. If you are going in that building you are in some serious shit. 

    He’s like, ‘yeah, some of my buddies go chasing women in that building. I tell ‘em.. if they are in that building you may not want to mess with ‘em (Insert photo)!’

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