1. Ice cream man is coming. @ 31st Street Beach


  2. The wife and I now have a 1 week old baby girl & a 15 month old baby girl. This image best illustrates how I feel today after a long night of surround sound baby crying sessions. 



  4. I got this one on the HCSP pool on flickr.. well.. on the Family Scnapps thread that is.



  5. London, 2011


  6. Perhaps my penchant for flying ties began in London. Hashtag first time I used word PENCHANT. 

    London, 2011. 


  7. Until I get my film developed, this will have to do.


  8. just joshing. 


  9. Chicago, December 09


  10. Chicago, 2011


  11. I love shooting film at my family get togethers. Always get some good strange looking pictures out of it. Contax TVSII - Portra400 #film


  12. Me, my daughter, and the Contax TVSII. 


  13. Valencia St. in the Mission neighborhood San Francisco, 2012.

    I recently recognized this gentleman in a photo from one of my favorite street photographers, Troy Holden - check out his work.

    - http://www.flickr.com/photos/troyholden/10814648596/

    I later found out his name is Johnny France, when Troy tweeted this diptych portrait:

    - https://twitter.com/troy/status/426097035234643968/photo/1

    A true die-hard San Franciscan. Damn, I love finding connections in street photography. 

    Troy Holden’s tumblr go: http://troyholden.com/


  14. Stranger conversation: “I haven’t been downtown in 30 years.” May 2011


  15. Ties were flying today in Chicago. After a cold spell, feels good to open the jacket on a day above 32°F aka 0°C.