1. Ice cream man is coming. @ 31st Street Beach


  2. The wife and I now have a 1 week old baby girl & a 15 month old baby girl. This image best illustrates how I feel today after a long night of surround sound baby crying sessions. 



  4. I got this one on the HCSP pool on flickr.. well.. on the Family Scnapps thread that is.



  5. London, 2011


  6. Until I get my film developed, this will have to do.


  7. just joshing. 


  8. Chicago, December 09


  9. Chicago, 2011


  10. I love shooting film at my family get togethers. Always get some good strange looking pictures out of it. Contax TVSII - Portra400 #film


  11. Me, my daughter, and the Contax TVSII. 


  12. Valencia St. in the Mission neighborhood San Francisco, 2012.

    I recently recognized this gentleman in a photo from one of my favorite street photographers, Troy Holden - check out his work.

    - http://www.flickr.com/photos/troyholden/10814648596/

    I later found out his name is Johnny France, when Troy tweeted this diptych portrait:

    - https://twitter.com/troy/status/426097035234643968/photo/1

    A true die-hard San Franciscan. Damn, I love finding connections in street photography. 

    Troy Holden’s tumblr go: http://troyholden.com/


  13. Stranger conversation: “I haven’t been downtown in 30 years.” May 2011


  14. Ties were flying today in Chicago. After a cold spell, feels good to open the jacket on a day above 32°F aka 0°C. 


  15. quarter tillcouldn't say goodbyego from there

    2013, a set on Flickr.

    Shot least amount of street photography ever. Shot film. Had a kid. Easy to pick my 2013 favorites, almost all!